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Wodonga 2033: Revisited

The Wodonga 2033: Revisted Engagement Report was adopted at the January, 2016 council meeting.

In July, more than 140 community leaders gathered at The Cube Wodonga to talk to the council about the Wodonga: 2033 Vision, which was first created in 2008.

Seven years on, in 2015, it was decided to revisit the vision to see if it was still relevant to the community, what had changed, whether there were new priorities and whether the community felt the vision was being achieved.

An extensive community consultation process, known as Community Conversations, was held.

Main themes from the forum included:

  • Improving Wodonga's connectivity to other cities;
  • Working with AlburyCity to avoid duplication of services;
  • Continue to lobby for small businesses; and,
  • Make Wodonga a city where no one is left behind as we continue to grow.

The forum also included two guest speakers, Asher Judah and Geoff Frost, who spoke about Wodonga's role as a leading regional city. Their presentations are available for viewing on this site and their main points included in the illustrations.

Wodonga 2033: Revisted


Challenges and Opportunities

Game changers and priorities



PDFGraphic illustrations by Sarah Firth (PDF 886KB)

PDFPresentation by Asher Judah (PDF 1371KB)

PPTXPresentation by Geoff Frost (PPTX 6737KB)

PDFWodonga 2033: Revisted Engagement Report (PDF 4808KB)

Last updated: 06-12-2016

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