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Citizens of the Year Award

Citizens of the Year Award

Citizen of the Year Awards are held at Australia Day celebrations around the nation.

We host an event every year and a Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and a community organisation are recognised.

Past recipients are listed below:

Nominations for the awards are called for in September/October each year and close at the end of November.

The Australia Day organising committee, led by a councillor, chooses the award winners.

Citizens of the Year

Year  Name
2019  Rupinder Kaur
2018  Uta Wiltshire
2017  Teju Chouhan
2016  Marie Elliot
2015  Ian Elston
2014  Glenn Mackinnon
2013  Pam Adams
2012  Dianne Mant
2011  Jenny Black
2010  Geoff Smith
2009  Bryan Watson
2008  Sue Cardwell
2007  Andrew Waite
2006  Jim Parker
2005  Allan Bounader
2004  John Byrne
2003  Betty Waite
2002  Jean Whitla
2001  Barbara Prenter
2000  Betty McLean
1999  Eddie Kneebone
1998  Robert Hall
1997  Jim Saleeba
1996  The award dating system changed
 and no award was given this year
1995  David Mann
1994  Bill Grant
1993  Walter Taylor
1992  Bill Proud
1991  Dawn Richardson
1990  Elizabeth McGrath
1989  Jim Costelloe
1988  Leo Mulqueeney
1987  Bruce Morrison
1986  Margaret Andrews
1985  Bill Orr
1984  No award given
1983  No award given
1982  Bill Buckpitt

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Young Citizens of the Year

Year Name 
2019  Sheldon Smith
2018  Sheridan Williams
2017  Jye McBurnie and Allanah McKeown
2016  Jacob Mildren
2015  Liam Shay and Natasa Sojic
2014  Samantha Treffers
2013  Josie Lindner
2012  Tim Collins and Victoria Jones
2011  Sophie Fuchen
2010  Ashlea Bennett and Joshua Collins
2009  Jacob Hampton
2008  Dan Collins
2007  Sarah Dechert
2006  Grace Van Kalken
2005  Patrea Quine
2004  Nathan Ahrens and Melissa Walker
2003  Alicia Hanna and Matthew Quine
2002  Luke Broadhurst and Ebony Maygar
2001  Melissa McDougall
2000  Leah Foster
1999  Jacqueline Hanna and Shareen Janetzki
1998  Kirsty Leach
1997  Natasha Dean
1996  The award dating system changed
 and no award was given for this year.
1995  Marie Rauter
1994  No award given
1993  Robert Spurr
1992  Mark Dowlan
1991  Nichole Chambers
1990  Tammy Miller
1989  Jonathon Van Ree
1988  Tania Tait
1987  Brenda Keenan
1986  David Boyle
1985  Dallas Hemphill
1984  Jacqueline Harris
1983  Tracey Foard
1982  Alison Evans
1981  Andrew Freeman and Diane Simpson
1980  Belinda Bruning



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