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Engaging our community

Community engagement in action

Effective community engagement allows us to tap into wider perspectives, sources of information and potential solutions to improve decisions and services.

It also provides the basis for productive relationships, improved dialogue and deliberation, and ultimately, better democracy.

We are committed to using community engagement to:

  • Strengthen relationships between the council and the community by allowing for clear and honest communication, improving the understanding of each other’s opinions, concerns, restrictions and strengths;
  • Help encourage ownership within the community over strategies, projects and decisions. This community ownership can support long-term sustainability of projects and initiatives;
  • Helping the council develop an understanding of the make-up, characteristics, needs and priorities of the community; and
  • Searching for solutions, information and opportunities that the council could not develop on its own. There is a wealth of information within the community and engagement allows the council to access this for the development of strategies and policies.

It is important that the community understands that there are many factors that impact on a council decision being made.

Factors such as financial and resource considerations, political directives, and environmental and social concerns all play important roles in the decision-making process.

There are many ways you can 'tell us what you think'.


PDFCommunity Engagement Policy (PDF 99KB)

Last updated: 06-11-2013

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