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The Wodonga Heatwave Plan 2015 will be used by us and our partners in the planning for and responding-to heatwave conditions.

Wodonga experiences prolonged periods of heat from time-to-time and a common sense approach is always required including SunSmart policies, air conditioning and staying out of the heat (especially for elderly or at-risk groups).

The plan has been developed using the general principles of emergency management as a guide to planning, preparation, response and recovery.

It is underpinned by a long-term approach in partnership with the North East Greenhouse Alliance and neighbouring shires, to reduce the scale of climate change and decrease its overall impact on the local environment.

The plan has been written to comply with Victorian Government guidelines.

The benefit of activating a heatwave plan during extreme heat events is to reduce illness and death in the community by:

  • Ensuring health information and support is readily available to the community, vulnerable population groups and their carers;
  • Increasing understanding of heatwave planning and management across council and key external stakeholders;
  • Developing partnerships and collaborative arrangements to better respond to heatwaves;
  • Increasing understanding of heatwaves in communities and increasing their capacity to respond during heatwaves;
  • Managing emergencies during heatwaves more effectively; and
  • Developing long-term and sustainable behavioural change to minimise the impacts of heatwaves on health and well-being.

Last updated: 15-11-2018

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