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City Heart Revitalisation Project

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Wodonga Council received National Stronger Regions funding in 2015 for the City Heart Infrastructure Project.

The works include the following stages.

  • Havelock St extension
  • Richardson Park and The Promenade at Junction Place in partnership with Places Victoria
  • Completion of South St between High and Smythe streets, including landscaping
  • Completion of works in High St, including accessibility and landscaping (Water Tower to Sesame Lane and Bond St to South St)

Timeline of works


  • Works will begin in the northern end of High and South streets in September 2017.
  • The works will include the reconstruction of High St from Bond St to South St which will upgrade underground services in the area.
  • A roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of South and Church streets to address safety concerns and traffic flow through this area and is in line with feedback from the community in 2015.
  • The final design will see South St remain single lane in both directions with the centre median parking to remain in South St between Smythe and Church streets.
  • The works will also include landscaping, beautification and new street lighting, the undergrounding of overhead cables and reconstruction of Bond St.

Read more about these works here.


  • Works will begin at the southern end of High St to Lawrence St in January 2019.
  • These works will improve drainage, replacing stormwater and water mains in the area and improve the intersection at High and Stanley streets.
  • The final result will see parking spaces will remain at similar numbers while trees will be replaced with advanced species. A shared zone is not being implemented at this time with the section to include wombat crossings.
  • The aim of all the works to improve the shopping experience for our residents and visitors with a city heart that features all-abilities access. 

Read more about these works here.

City Heart Shopfront Improvement and Access Fund

The City Heart Shopfront Improvement and Access Fund will form part of Wodonga Council’s Business Support Package during the City Heart Revitalisation works.

A total pool of $150,000 will be made available over two years ($75,000 for stage one and $75,000 for stage two of works).

The aim of the fund is to:

  • Encourage and facilitate shop owners, operators and landlords to improve their buildings through façade upgrades, thereby improving their presentation to the street.
  • Encourage and provide a mechanism for shop owners, operators and landlords to address all abilities access issues to the frontage of their premises that can’t be resolved through construction works.

The fund will include two activity streams.

  1. $1:$1 matching grants up to $3,000 for shopfrontimprovements; and,
  2. $1:$1 matching grants up to $3,000 for internal all abilities access improvements within private buildings that cannot be corrected by the public realm (i.e. the footpath) works.

For more information, download the brochure here.

Find the online application form here.

Feedback from the first CBA consultation

A report on the feedback from the recent CBA shopfront consultation was presented to the December council meeting, detailing the array of comments received during the process as well as recommending some next steps for the council.

Read the report here.

Stay up-to-date

The council is communicating with businesses in regards to timing of the other works and how it can ensure businesses are well prepared for any construction when it does start.

Regular updates will be provided to the community through the council’s Latest Projects newsletter, the council’s e-newsletter, on the council’s website, social media and the council’s Citylife newsletter, which is delivered to all households.


PDFConsultation Feedback Report 2015 (PDF 2268KB)

PDFInformation Kit (PDF 2145KB)

PDFCity Heart Shopfront Improvement and Access Fund (PDF 2363KB)

Last updated: 14-01-2019

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