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Wombat crossings

Wombat Crossing in Elgin Boulevard

Wodonga Council has three new pedestrian crossings as part of the focus on people-friendly spaces in the central business area.

This comes after the introduction of a 40kmh zone throughout the CBA.

The "wombat crossings" consist of a wide, raised platform, zebra stripes and pedestrian signage.

The crossings are at:

  • Lawrence Street near the corner of High St with flashing lights and minor landscaping works;
  • Lawrence Street between William and Hume streets with flashing lights; and,
  • Elgin Boulevard near Wodonga Courthouse with flashing lights.

Map with wombats

Plans for more pedestrian crossings in the city's CBA are under way.

The present crossing in Hovell St, outside The Cube Wodonga, will remain at this time.

The works fit with the council's long-term plan to "pedestrianise" the CBA, with the priority on people movements while still allowing vehicle access. It's important everyone stays alert at crossings. Drivers and riders must stop and give way when someone is crossing or about to cross the road.

Safety first at wombat crossings

  • Drivers must stop and give way when a pedestrian is crossing or about to cross.
  • Pedestrians may cross at any time with care. However, they should check that drivers have seen them and make sure there is a reasonable gap in the traffic so that drivers are able to stop.
  • Children up to 10 years old should be actively supervised and hold an adult's hand when crossing the road.
  • Drivers must not block a pedestrian crossing or children's crossing - they must ensure the road beyond is clear to enable them to pass over the crossing.
  • Remain alert and check whether vehicles are stopping for you.

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PDFMap showing the planned wombat crossings (PDF 1531KB)

Last updated: 13-01-2016

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