City of Wodonga


Green power

An energy efficient light bulb on green background.

We currently purchase green power and signed up to a new tender which will allow the council to choose its level of involvement in this program.

We have also installed energy efficient fluorescent street lights in some parts of the city.

These were installed by SP AusNet in the residential area bounded by Parkers Rd, Felltimber Creek Rd, Lawrence St and Melbourne Rd last year to provide a significant reduction in power consumption (48 per cent) while maintaining a good level of lighting for residents.

This has seen the old mercury vapour street lights replaced with energy efficient ones, which is estimated to save more than 90 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year or almost 1.8 million black balloons per year.

Despite this positive environmental outcome, there will be little financial savings for the council as street lighting is not metered but rather paid for on an annual charge basis.

Last updated: 10-10-2012

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