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Halve Waste

Halve Waste – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – is endorsed by us along with Albury, Corowa, Greater Hume, Towong and Indigo councils, as well as RAMROC (the Riverina and Murray Regional Organisation of Councils).

Albury landfill receives 200,000 tonnes of waste per year and is the fourth largest landfill in New South Wales and the largest outside Sydney.

The campaign was developed to engage the whole community in efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling in the region as Albury is the only council to run a landfill.

The aim is to reduce the amount of waste it receives by 50 per cent.

Wodonga does not have a landfill and also assists to divert rubbish ending up in landfill at our Waste Transfer Station.

Halve Waste includes:

  • Business pledge to reduce waste to landfill;
  • Free waste assessments for businesses;
  • Business A-Z Waste Guide;
  • Resident A-Z Waste Guide;
  • Recycling information;
  • Waste education for the community;
  • Schools education program – launched in October, 2010; and 
  • Home composting program – launched in November, 2010.

Many of these and other resources are available at

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Last updated: 18-06-2015

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