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Sustainable planning

We work with local developers to ensure energy-efficient building outcomes and ensure all of our own projects meet the same standards.

We also take sustainable approaches to our parks and gardens, and recreational facilities.

Some key examples have included:

  • A key example is TAFE Space which has been constructed and operated with techniques that minimise energy consumption and demand. The project includes highly sophisticated passive design and energy management systems;
  • The Cube Wodonga (performing arts centre) was completed in 2012 and has an environmental sustainable design which includes:
    • Building Management System (BMS) software to programme efficien heating, cooling and lighting
    • Heat recovery added to return and exhaust air ductwork to capture and return heat that would otherwise would be lost;
    • Natural ventilation and tempered space to the foyer and cafe maximisin benefit of outdoor air conditions when suitable;
    • New building fabrics have high insulation values and require less energ to heat or cool (such as double glazing to facades generally);
    • Automated lighting controls to reduce electrical energy consumption;
    • Highly efficient mechanical services plant with zoned operation to minimise energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
    • Selection of water efficient fixtures and fittings;
    • Selection of materials with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, low volatile off-gassing characteristics and good maintenance performance to improve indoor environmental quality and reduce environmental impact;
    • Provision for the collection of rainwater for re-use in toilet flushing an landscape irrigation; and
    • Maximising natural day light access generally, with the goal that artificial lighting is not required during day time (especially in the foyer area).
  • WAVES (aquatic centre) has¬†environmentally-friendly features including:
    • Stormwater from the racecourse wetlands will be treated and used in the pools at the new aquatics facility, reducing the need for potable water; and
    • It has been designed using emerging energy-efficient technology known as co-generation, which will save on energy costs into the future. This uses water to heat the pool.
  • We have converted Kelly Park, the La Trobe soccer fields, Emerald Oval and Birallee Park to using recycled water from North East Water treatment plants while Martin Park uses bore water. Several of Wodonga's major gardens are also watered using recycled water; and
  • White Box Rise Estate has a fully recycled stormwater supply system for the use by the Southern Rise Education Centre for watering green spaces and gardens. This is also used by the Wodonga Turf Club. It is estimated that this will save more than 70KL of potable water.

The Cube Wodonga foyer attracts natural daylight from the building's design.

Last updated: 13-12-2012

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