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Apply for permit

An application for a building permit is required for most construction works.

All new work should be submitted electronically along with the required documentation as listed on the application form for a building permit (Victoria).

Other application and request forms listed are required for specific purposes.

You may be required to apply for other approvals such as a planning permit in some instances.

Before applying for a building permit, please ensure you need a permit and have gathered the information required to accompany your application.

Application forms

Click here for your list of forms. 

Driveways and easements

Permits for driveways and other road reserves, and building over an easement is processed by our infrastructure team and not Wodonga Building Services.

Application forms for these are available online.

Need to know more?

Please view the frequently asked questions or fact sheets/information booklets. Alternatively, please phone Wodonga Building Services on (02) 6022 9300.

Last updated: 03-08-2018

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