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Frequently asked questions

When do I need a building permit?

See 'Building permits - when you need one?'

How long does it take for a permit to be issued?

Providing all the appropriate information is attached and complies with the building regulations, it approximately takes two to five working days.


How do I become an owner-builder?

Owner-builders undertaking works with a value greater than $16,000 are required to obtain an owner-builder certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority.

Owner-builder application forms and information kits are available from us or you can download one from the Victorian Building Authority website.

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Do I require insurance if I am an owner-builder?

As an owner-builder you are not legally required to register with an approved Home Owners Warranty Scheme. However, owner-builders carrying out works valued at more than $16,000 are required to register with the Building Practitioner's Board. An information kit is available from us or by contacting the Victorian Building Authority. If a residence or building constructed by any owner-builder is sold within six and a half years of completion, a detailed report and an insurance policy is required for the building.

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If I sell my property, do I have to finalise my building works?

The new owners take on all matters relating to the property and this includes any permits not finalised. The purchaser may ask for all works to have final certificates. Make sure final inspections are carried out before the permits lapse.

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What inspections am I required to get?

You will be required to get inspections but this depends on the type of construction taking place. The inspections are detailed on your building permit. All works require a final/occupancy inspection. If in doubt, please ask us on (02) 6022 9300.

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What is an energy rating?

An energy rating is an assessment of your proposed works by an accredited assessor to ascertain the energy required to heat and cool your home. At present all new homes are required to obtain a six-star rating. Additions greater than 25 per cent of the original home must also achieve a six-star rating.

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What are specifications?

Specifications are a list or set of minimum standards or requirements related to your building project. These can be in the form of a simple list of materials for small jobs to extensive documents detailing everything from building materials, finishings (paint, tile and carpet details), kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and appliances for new homes and extensions. These should be discussed in detail with your builder.

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Where do I get a copy of my title?

A copy of the title can usually be obtained from your mortgage holder, bank or building society. A copy can also be obtained by contacting the titles office. When obtaining a copy of your title, you should also get copies of the plan of subdivision and any restrictive covenants or 173 agreements attached to the title.

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What are computations?

Computations are the calculations done by a design engineer relating to large structural members incorporated in your building works, for example, large steel or timber beams, non-standard footing systems, retaining walls, etc. It is also advisable to obtain a certificate of compliance/design along with the computations and associated drawings.

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What is a BPA?

Designated Bushfire Prone Areas (BPA) have been identified in the Wodonga municipality. Landowners can obtain a property report by visiting and typing in their lot number or address.

If you are in a BPA, you will be required to complete a BAL assessment (Bushfire Attack Level) and there will be certain construction requirements dependant on the level of this assessment.

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What is a BAL?

There are six categories of Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) ranging from low to extreme now in place across Victoria. These levels indicate increasing construction requirements ranging from ember protection to direct flame contact. A BAL assessment is required to determine this level if you are in a mapped Bushfire Prone Area (BPA). To see if you are in a BPA area, visit and type in your lot number or address.

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What is a soil test?

A soil test is conducted by a geotechnical engineer and provides valuable information on soil characteristics that will determine the type of concrete slab or footings your construction will require.

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What is ResCode?

ResCode is a residential design code that governs all residential developments up to three-storeys in height within the state of Victoria. The residential code is intended to protect the overall neighbourhood character and adjoining properties. Victoria’s ResCode includes regulations regarding street and side boundary setbacks, building heights, fence height, extent of a building along a boundary, over-shadowing and overlooking onto adjoining properties and providing private open space.

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Last updated: 18-04-2017

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