City of Wodonga


Leneva-Baranduda growth corridor

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C121 to the Wodonga Planning Scheme.

The amendment came into operation on April 4, 2019, (the date notice was published in the Victorian Government Gazette).

The amendment implements the objectives and strategies of the Leneva Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan and the Leneva Baranduda Development Contributions Plan.

You can view the full list of amendments here.

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An aerial view of Leneva Valley (taken in 2012).
An aerial view of Leneva Valley (taken in 2012).


PDFLeneva and Baranduda Development Contributions Plan (PDF 10119KB)

PDFLeneva and Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan (PDF 17547KB)

Last updated: 01-05-2019

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