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Wodonga Integrated Transport Strategy

At its May 2015 council meeting, Wodonga Council passed a motion to adopt the Wodonga Integrated Transport Strategy (WITS) to guide the future planning and investment in transport infrastructure for the city.

It is a long-term strategy designed to provide a framework that guides investment in a staged and phased manner across Wodonga in order to improve the city as a place to invest, live, work and play.

It will allow for a cross-council approach to future improvements, taking into consideration health and well-being, transport and social disadvantage, community development and urban design outcomes.

It sets out the principles and methodology for network improvements for public transport, car and freight, bike and pedestrian networks as well as a suite of short, medium and long-term projects to implement the strategy.

WITS highlights the importance of providing viable and attractive alternatives to private vehicles, with a focus on improvements to the walking, cycling and public transport networks, while preserving the ability of private vehicles and freight to access the CBA, key employment areas and the wider municipality.

The private motor vehicle is the dominant form of transport in Wodonga now and for the foreseeable future and is well catered for in Wodonga, with a well-developed road network and priority given to private vehicles over other modes of transport.

In line with the Council Plan, actions from the strategy will aim to prioritise pedestrian and cycle connections around the city.

The strategy follows consultation with the community and specific interest groups in the first half of 2014.

The community feedback was received by the council and incorporated into the final strategy and priority implementation plan which is an internal document constantly under review for the planning, staging and prioritising of projects subject to funding and the council’s budget processes.


PDFWodonga Integrated Transport Strategy 2015 (PDF 6070KB)

Last updated: 22-05-2015

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