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Environmental improvements in home design

Environmental improvements in home design

Passive design is key to environmental sustainable housing development, it is not a new concept but a set of well established and tested design principles.

It provides long term benefits to home owners, the community and the environment if these principles are incorporated into the home design. If applied suitably, passive design could achieve long term reduction in household energy consumption without compromising comfort and liveability as well as increasing upfront construction costs.

Passive design can be applied in both planning stage and building stage through optimising the orientation of residential lots and floor layouts. The following document provides a summary of the passive design principles.

To design a home that suits the climatic conditions of Wodonga, please make reference to the publication 'Passive Design – Design for Climate' by Australian Government attached below.

Some further references are provided under the useful links section.


PDFPassive design – design for climate (PDF 647KB)

PDFPassive design in site and subdivision planning (PDF 1044KB)

Last updated: 09/09/2015

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