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New applications and alterations

Are you…

  • Planning on installing a wastewater system?
  • Altering a wastewater system?
  • Planning an extension to your home?

If you answered ‘yes' to any of the above and are within a non-sewered area of Wodonga, you must lodge an application with our environmental health team.

No works are to begin unless a permit to install/alter has been issued, this permit remains in force for two years from the date of issue.

 New onsite wastewater treatment system

  • Complete and return an application to install a wastewater treatment system with payment of the relevant fee; and
  • The supporting documents as outlined on the form must accompany your application in order for the environmental health team to process your application.

Altering an existing wastewater treatment system

An application to alter an existing wastewater treatment system is only required if the load is increased. The load will be increased if additional bedrooms are added.

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All fees are outlined in the Environmental Health fees and charges sheet
(Fees change as of July 1 each year).

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PDFApplication to install a wastewater managment system (PDF 99KB)

PDFApplication to alter an existing wastewater management system (PDF 119KB)

PDFApplication to extend a permit to install a wastewater management system (PDF 70KB)

Last updated: 23-05-2019

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