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Frequently asked questions

What are the standards that I must comply with?

The Environment Protection Agency's (EPA) Code Of Practice – Onsite Wastewater Management provides standards and guidance to ensure the management of onsite wastewater (up to 5000 L/day) protects public health and the environment.

When I make an application can I start installing the system?

No, works are not permitted to commence onsite until council has issued a permit to install. Installing a wastewater treatment system without a permit to install is an offence against the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Can I install the system myself?

Onsite wastewater treatment tanks can be installed in the ground by any suitable competent professional contractor.

However, the pipework from the premises to the treatment tank the treatment tank to the land application system, and the pipework for indoor effluent recycling and for the land application systems must be installed in compliance with the requirements of the Victorian Plumbing Regulations by appropriately licensed and registered plumbing/drainage practitioners.

When can I use the system?

The system cannot be used until we have issued a permit to use. It is an offence against the Environment Protection Act 1970 and penalties can apply.

Will the treatment system be inspected?

Yes. You pay an environmental levy as part of your rates. This will occur at three yearly intervals, however, depending on the system you have installed, inspections may be required more frequently with some systems, such as aerated wastewater treatment systems, requiring quarterly reports to be forwarded to us. These additional requirements are your responsibility and are dependent on the system you have chosen to install.

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Last updated: 23-01-2019

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