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Your responsibilities

If you live in an un-sewered area, you must have an EPA approved wastewater treatment system which is capable of treating the wastes produced from your house within the boundary of your premise.

How you treat the wastewater will depend on your site conditions and personal choice.

Land capability assessments

To understand your site conditions, a land capability assessment (LCA) must be conducted by a suitably qualified and experienced LCA provider.

It is very important that an LCA be carried out early in the planning phase of the development of a new house as it may have significant design implications to the site.

Planning approval is dependent on a permit to install a wastewater treatment system onsite, therefore delays can occur if an application has not been lodged.

LCA providers can be found through Yellow Pages or through an internet search.

More information on the LCA requirements can be found in the EPA's 'Code of practice - onsite wastewater management'

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Maintenance requirements

These requirements are your responsibility and are dependent on the system you have chosen to install.

Systems will be inspected at three yearly or quarterly intervals depending on the type you have.

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Last updated: 23-05-2019

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