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Doing business with council

We are committed to occupational health and safety to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, volunteers, ratepayers and visitors. 

All potential contractors must agree to abide by the safety policies, procedures and guidelines which have been adopted by us. There is also a safety directive available to read.

Our employees are expected to work within these safety guidelines and we also expect our contractors and their employees to do the same.

This document provides a guide to safety protocols which all contractors will be expected to adhere to, but if you are in any doubt about a safety issue, please consult our corporate governance team on (02) 6022 9300. 

Please read, complete the questionnaire, sign and return this document to your contract manager

Do you need help?

If you would like more information or need help putting together a tender, please contact one of our officers.

  • Contracts Administrator: Melanie Simpson on (02) 6022 9220


PDFOH and S pre-qualification for contractors (PDF 2203KB)

PDFContractor fact sheet (PDF 85KB)

PDFProcurement-Policy.pdf (PDF 131KB)

PDFDoing business with local government - MAV guide (PDF 3267KB)

PDFDoing business with us factsheet (PDF 336KB)

PDFOccupational Health & Safety (OHS) Directive 2017 (PDF 105KB)

Last updated: 28-06-2019

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