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Birds, reptiles and other pets

It's estimated there are more pet birds in Victoria than there are cats and dogs combined!

Other popular pets include rabbits, fish, horses, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice, amphibians and reptiles.

This Local Law (No. 1 of 2014) restricts the number of birds and other animals that may be kept on any premises including:

 Type of animal or bird

 Small premises 

 Any other premises 

 Poultry excluding roosters






 Caged birds






 Guinea pigs, mice and hamsters






 Racing pigeons



 All other animals 



You may only keep domestic farm animals where there is 2000 square metres of open land per animal.

The owner or occupier of any land who keeps bees must do so in accordance with the planning scheme and the Apiary Code of Practice.

All animals must be kept in clean, inoffensive and sanitary conditions. The Department of Agriculture has a responsible pet care campaign with information on the specific needs of birds, rabbits, reptiles and other animals. 


PDFKeeping birds fact sheet (PDF 63KB)

PDFKeeping of poultry fact sheet (PDF 65KB)

Last updated: 10-10-2017

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