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Feeding birds and other wildlife


Wodonga’s reserves, bushland, wetlands and open spaces attract a variety of birds and animals. If you see wildlife, then that suggests the area provides an abundance of natural foods for them.

While it may be seen as a fun activity to feed birds or other wildlife, it can cause them more harm than good. Their own natural diet provides them with what they need and some foods can cause them problems.

Feeding can result in birds an wildlife:

  • Becoming dependent on humans for food;
  • Losing their fear of humans;
  • Contracting diseases;
  • Suffering from dietary deficiencies;
  • Becoming over-abundant and adversely affecting other species;
  • Causing problems for humans;
  • Transmitting diseases to humans; and,
  • Creating weed or pest problems.

For more information on why we shouldn’t feed wildlife, head to the DEWLP website and check out their fact sheet here.

Please respect our wildlife and keep them healthy by not feeding or handling them.

Last updated: 08-01-2019

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