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Offensive odours are those which are offensive to the senses of human beings and adversely affect local amenity or enjoyment of the environment.

Some common sources of odour include:

  • Compost or greenwaste;
  • Rubbish;
  • Landfill gas; and
  • Anaerobic leachate (water contaminated by waste).

Residents impacted by offensive odours are advised to contact the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) directly on 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).

The EPA is the statutory authority responsible for administering the Environment Protection Act 1970, which covers offensive odours.

We work closely with the EPA regarding odour complaints by providing assistance when required.

But as the environmental regulator, it is the EPA’s role to set and enforce environmental standards and assess risk and minimise harm to human health and the environment.

If you are affected by offensive odours or become aware of other pollution, please contact the EPA.

In order for the EPA to take action, the odour must be verified and our environmental health team may be called upon to assist in the Wodonga boundary.

Further information and updates are available from the EPA website.

Last updated: 30-11-2012

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