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Physical activity

Physical activity

Over the past 50 years, there has been a huge shift from a lifestyle that was, by definition, physically active to one that is largely sedentary (WHO 2004, Edwards & Tsouros 2006).

Internationally, participating in physical activity is acknowledged as a critical component to improving the physical and mental health of individuals. Being more active, more often can prevent the onset of chronic diseases, obesity and a number of other illnesses.

Being more active, more often does not necessarily mean we need to aiming to run a marathon, but look for ways to include types of physical activity in our daily lives. For some printer friendly active tips, facts and general information on how to and why being more active, more often is so important for your health and wellbeing, please visit the one stop shop.

Lets look further at this topic - how and why more active, more often!

Wodonga has a number of facilities that support you to get out and more active, more often.

Whether it’s by bike, on foot or in a local park with the kids, getting out and about in your community is as easy as clicking one of the links below.

Last updated: 21-12-2017

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