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Cultural Services Plan

People gathered in Woodland Grove for Carnivale.

The Cultural Services Plan 2012-2017 is our key document relating to arts and culture and replaces the Cultural Services Plan 2007-2012.

The Cultural Services Plan 2012-2017 articulates the priorities and strategic direction for cultural services for the next five years and demonstrates our commitment to arts, events and cultural initiatives across the city.

To develop the new plan and to help us understand the priorities of the community, we facilitated several workshops with professional artists, local performers, community members and council staff.

More than 60 people participated in these workshops and a further 10 people submitted written responses to requests for feedback.

In addition, more than 1650 people provided feedback in surveys in response to cultural programs, venues and events in the lead-up to developing the plan.

Guiding principles of the plan - We believe:

  • Participation in, and access to arts and culture contributes to people’s wellbeing, and to the social and economic health of a community;
  • Freedom of artistic expression, being courageous and pushing the boundaries are vitally important elements to a mature community, even when they challenge popular perceptions;
  • Arts and culture is for everyone. Equity and social justice underpin the plan, providing engagement for people who may previously have felt excluded;
  • Partnerships and collaboration provide exponential benefits;
  • A strong support framework for artists is essential for creating innovative and dynamic cultural work; and
  • Arts and culture provide us the opportunity to celebrate and recognise our diversity – in culture, backgrounds, beliefs and aspirations.

The strategic priorities:

  • Spaces and places;
  • Activation and celebration;
  • Creative capacity; and
  • Participation and engagement.


PDFCultural Services Plan 2012-2017 (PDF 671KB)

Last updated: 24-10-2012

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