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Little Free Libraries

Ken Raff�s Little Free Library

Free book exchange

It's simple! All community members are free to take a book, share a book and even return a book when they are finished.

In 2014 Wodonga Council commissioned three local artists to create the Little Free Libraries which are designed as movable sculptures and feature in public spaces.

Little Free Libraries are currently located at Baranduda Community Centre, The Sustainable Recourse Centre (Gateway Village) and at the Wodonga Library. 

There is a permanent "Little Library" at Felltimber Community Centre.

Wodonga Library ensures the libraries are stocked and provide a variety of reading material.

The Rocket by Michael Laubli
Laubli has used recycled gas cylinders to form a rocket evoking a "sense of adventure, and jetting off to the unknown" ... The choice for the colourful rocket-shaped piece is to evoke the fun, adventure and intrigue we experience from reading books.

The Reading Chair by Vicki Luke
Luke was inspired by steam punk and the spirit of exploration in the 19th century. "This Little Library was inspired by the adventurous spirit of the Victorian era, especially the series of books by Jules Verne Voyages Extraordinaire." Recalling the essence of Victorian curiosity, the concept was to create a chair that transported the reader into the wonderful world of books.

A House is Not a Home by Ken Raff
Raff's structure grew out of his installation project A House is Not a Home and consists of an asymmetrical wooden structure. "A home is about relationships between those within it and the things contained in it. So with the books we select – through curiosity, want and need – our world is expended and hopefully enriched." Raff collected materials at the Wodonga Transfer Station and rifled through collections for objects to put them together in exciting ways to make his little library.


Last updated: 01-05-2019

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