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Local reserves

Local reserves

Get into nature without getting in the car

A chain of conservation reserves, from the southern urban edge of Wodonga, across Leneva and Baranduda, brings the benefits of nature to your door.

These areas of bushland are close to housing areas. They offer places where residents can walk, cycle, exercise the dog and unwind,
and children have the opportunity to explore.

They also provide places to view or photograph wildlife, birds, flowers and plants.

The conservation reserves, which help sustain precious animals and plants at risk of extinction, form the Wodonga Retained Environment Network. The network has been a leader in preserving ecosystems, showing the rest of Victoria a way to protect native species while meeting the needs for housing development.

What makes a home?

These protected areas provide habitat and a wildlife corridor for threatened species like the Squirrel Glider, the rare Tuan and woodland birds.

That’s why the dead trees, native grasses and fallen bark and twigs are left in place. These provide homes for many creatures.

Feel free to enjoy the bush and pathways, while leaving the wildlife and plants to thrive. Future generations will thank you.

A reserve near you

Check out how to find a reserve near you and what you can do. Discover more about the natural features you can enjoy, like the birds, wildlife, and threatened species of wildflowers and plants.



PDFExplore the reserves (PDF 2376KB)

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Last updated: 26-07-2018

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