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Wodonga's water tower

Wodonga's water tower was built in 1923 and has changed little since.

The tower and tank are 33m high, though almost a metre of that is underground.

The whole structure is built of reinforced concrete.

The capacity of the tank was the daily town consumption at the time, being 75,000 gallons (i.e. 341,000 litres), which weighed 341,000kgs, so the builder, Mr A.A. Hargrave, had to ensure that the tower was level so it would not fall.

Its use as a water tower ceased around 1971 and talks of it being demolished commenced.

Instead, in 1974, flower beds were constructed at its base, and English ivy grew around it.

The base of the building has been occupied by a boot maker for many years.

In mid-2000s, the creeper was removed and the water tower once again became a landmark.

It is now illuminated every night through the use of state-of-the-art lights, which make the water tower a feature of Wodonga's skyline.

The energy efficient lights change colour and compliment the lights in the nearby Woodland Grove.

The water tower has supported many causes such as prostate cancer and diabetes by changing colour.

It is featured on the 'Great Towers of the World' t-shirts being marketed locally.

These are available for purchase from theĀ Wodonga visitor information centre.

The water tower lit up at night with Woodland Grove in the foreground.

Last updated: 05-08-2014

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