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Parking infringements

You can apply for a parking infringement to be reviewed if you believe it was issued as an error.

The application for review must be submitted prior to the due date by filling out the general application for review form.

If you were not driving the car at the time of the infringement, you will need to fill out the specific owner onus form that relates to your situation.

Please do not send in your infringement notice. Keep this as a record of the infringement notice.

If you need to request a payment arrangement for your infringement, please download the application form.

If you need to know more about parking and the law, read the Victoria Law Foundation's Parking, the law and you booklet.

Please note that you can not use a vehicle to advertise or promote sale of goods (including sale of the vehicle itself) without a permit. Find out more here.


PDFApplication for review of an infringement notice (PDF 67KB)

PDFParking, the law and you (2012) (PDF 1457KB)

PDFOwner onus form - Known user statement (PDF 88KB)

PDFOwner onus form - Illegal user statement (PDF 85KB)

PDFOwner onus form - Unknown user statement (PDF 89KB)

PDFOwner onus form - Sold vehicle statement (PDF 91KB)

PDFOwner onus form - Nomination rejection statement (PDF 88KB)

PDFRequest for payment arrangement for a infringement notice (PDF 61KB)

Last updated: 12-04-2019

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