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In January, 2012, we launched a school crossing safety campaign in a bid to get the attention of motorists who do not do the right thing.

‘SLOW, STOP, OBEY’ is the motto of the safety campaign, which is an ongoing effort to keep our school crossing supervisors and local school children safe.

The campaign has included radio advertisements, articles in newspapers, tweets, posters, wristbands and badges for students, a school crossing storytelling with Mrs Mac on YouTube and a higher police presence around school crossings at the start of each term.

Some of the key messages include: It only adds a few minutes to your trip, but it takes a split second to injure a child on a school crossing.


PDF'SLOW, STOP, OBEY' posters (PDF 1095KB)

MP3Radio advertisement one (MP3 483KB)

MP3Radio advertisement two (MP3 483KB)

MP3Radio advertisement three (MP3 485KB)

Last updated: 03-10-2012

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