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Leneva-Baranduda growth corridor

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in collaboration with Wodonga Council, has commenced pre-planning work to assist with preparation of a Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) for the Leneva-Baranduda area.

Leneva-Baranduda has the capacity to accommodate a significant proportion of Wodonga’s forecast future growth. The PSP, once complete, will guide future development of the area.

Approximately 1070 hectares of the 1980-hectare precinct has been identified for targeted technical studies.

Leneva-Baranduda’s natural features include waterways, large native trees and views to the surrounding hills that provide the opportunity to create a unique environment for future residents.

Background Studies

Background technical studies are prepared to assist with the preparation of the PSP.

The following reports have been prepared and can be viewed/or downloaded by following the links below.  Further reports will be proved as they become available.

For further information, visit Victorian Planning Authority or contact:

An aerial view of Leneva Valley (taken in 2012).
An aerial view of Leneva Valley (taken in 2012).



PDFDraft Leneva-Baranduda Growth Area Framework Plan 2012 (PDF 4773KB)

PDFAboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment (Sensitive Information Redacted) (PDF 10127KB)

PDFPSP 1105 – Leneva-Baranduda – Land Capability Desktop Assessment – GHD (PDF 76570KB)

PDFHigh Level Servicing and Infrastructure Assessment – GHD (PDF 20358KB)

PDFHomewood Consulting Tree Assessment – Final Report (PDF 15934KB)

PDFStrategic Transport Assessment – Final Report (PDF 11189KB)

PDFLeneva-Baranduda PSP Boundary (PDF 8889KB)

PDFMPA Newsletter - September, 2015 (Leneva-Baranduda edition) (PDF 9912KB)

Last updated: 05-10-2017

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