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Planning Scheme Review Report

Wodonga Council has reviewed its planning scheme in accordance with Section 12B of the Planning and Environment Act, 1987 (the Act) which requires that every council:

  • Review its planning scheme every four years; and,
  • Report the findings of the review to the Minister for Planning.

The major ‘strategic’ component of the Wodonga Planning Scheme is the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) at Clause 21 and the local policies at Clause 22.

It is apparent from the Wodonga Planning Scheme review that there are both structural and content issues with the existing MSS and local policies.

In summary, this review report includes:

  • The background to the current Wodonga Planning Scheme (WPS);
  • An assessment of the performance of the WPS;
  • A discussion of content and structural issues affecting the Wodonga Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF);
  • An overview of issues affecting zones, overlays and other provisions in the WPS;
  • An assessment of adopted strategies that could be used to update and revise the WPS;
  • A discussion of key policy gaps and priorities; 
  • Findings and conclusions; and,
  • Prioritised recommendations.


PDFWodonga Planning Scheme review report - final (PDF 1571KB)

Last updated: 05-10-2017

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