City of Wodonga


Demographic profile

Profile ID is an interactive online socio-demographic profile program, which will give you instant access to ABS data about Wodonga.

It will:

  • Describe the role and function of Wodonga's neighbourhood areas;
  • Show how neighbourhood areas have changed over time;
  • Enable you to compare one neighbourhood area with another; and
  • Allow you to identify characteristics such as income, age, travel to work patterns, rent/home owner ratios and others for each neighbourhood area and Wodonga as a whole.

View the profile for Wodonga.

Wodonga Council also has a REMPLAN public-access community profile. The data presented is sourced directly from the ABS, and provides a holistic overview of the city's demographic attributes.

View the REMPLAN profile for Wodonga.

Last updated: 22-01-2018

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