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Lost animals

Lost animals

If your pet becomes lost the microchip implanted in the animal enables easy identification and provides the relevant contact details to ensure the safe return of your animal. 

Hundreds of wandering, stray or lost animals are unnecessarily impounded each year. Wodonga Council encourages animal owners to be responsible by ensuring their pets are
microchipped, registered and securely contained, suitably tethered or on a lead.

If you lose your pet, contact the Albury Animal Management Facility;

Where: 695 Mudge Street, Lavington, NSW
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm weekdays and 9am to 10am weekends and public holidays
Phone: (02) 6025 9682
Facebook page:

PLEASE NOTE: Impounding fees are:

Impounding fee $100
Daily sustenance fee $20
Total fees for one day $120
Plus $20 for each additional day

Unwanted or unclaimed animals housed at the facility are available for viewing and can be purchased by members of the public.

If you do find a lost or stray animal, check for any identification and contact the owner.

If no identification can be located please contact Wodonga Council on
(02) 6022 9300.

Last updated: 02-07-2018

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